School Camp Program

School Camp Program


Our school camping program commences in Foundation with a late stay

Once a year the school bell sounds for home, however instead of the normal rush of students from the doors the Foundation students stayed inside. For on this day the Foundations students get the opportunity to stay late at school.

The late Stay enables students to indudge in some afternoon tea with friends before participating in some tabloid sports activities that foster team work. After the acrivities, hungry students emerge on the multipurpose room for dinner. The students enjoy the opportunity to eat dinner (pizza) with their friends and then prepare for the ‘Possum Prowl’. Torches in hand all students and staff set off to find possums. After a very active afternoon students and staff meet the parents at a designated meeting point in the school grounds. Parents arrive at 6:30pm to collect happy, excited children bubbling with news of their afternoon.

Grade 1 & 2

Our Grade 1/2 sleep over program is the first taste of school camp for our students.

Once a year on Friday afternoon the Grade 1/2 students remain in their classes instead of heading home with their parents. The students enjoy a healthy afternoon tea with friends before participating in some tabloid sports to build teamwork and resillence. As we know ‘Tim flies when you are having fun’ and it is time for dinner Students enjoy a slice or two of pizza with their friends, have a quiet read to each other and then prepare for the ‘Possum Prowl’. Students use torches to identify the nocturnal wildfire and discuss the survival traits they posses. Next it’s time to bed down for the night.

In the morning after a good sleep we enjoy breakfast. Once breakfast is complete the students pack up their belongings and wait for the parents to arrive at 8:00am. We are not sure who is happier, parents or the very tired children. As students exit with parents the recout of events commernce and with pride students share their own individual moment of succes or achievement in personal growth.

Year 3 & 4

Our camping program continues in Year 3/4 as students engage in camps that require teamwork, resilience, care and empathy, inclusiveness and persistence.

The students leave school after 9:00am, heading off on a 2 night / 3 day camp experience. The camp program at this level is built around fostering resilience along with a big step in building independence! The camp venues are generally within a one or two hour drive from the school, and offer a variety of activities. Each day is packed with activities, scrumptious meals and evening activities. It is wonderful to observe the personal growth of many children during this time. Arriving back at school children exit the bus very tired, however bouncing with great excitement as they share stories of successful challenges and new found passions.

Year 5 & 6

Our Year 5 & 6 camp program offers an outdoor experience camp alternating with travel back in time to goldfields. Camping together is a great opportunity for the children to develop independence and the range of activities are designed not only to be fun but to build confidence and teamwork. Children develop an understanding of sharing facilities with others and display significant personal growth.

All children arrive home exhausted, but excited to share new found knowledge, skills and their great adventure!