Performing Arts

The Performing Arts are highly valued at Wantirna South Primary School with all students participating in weekly 60 minute sessions.

The students experience an equal balance of dance, music and drama activities in an encouraging and supportive environment.

The progression of the programs starts in Foundations with students learning the basic elements of music and movement. This includes learning to keep a steady beat using different body parts, body percussion and musical instruments. They have responded to high/low, loud and soft through movement, voice and instruments to a number of stimulating songs and activities.

Students then experience basic music concepts that incorporate dance, drama and musical instruments. This has included plays, songs and simple dances that require creative thinking and group work.

At a higher level students learn about rhythm patterns and how they work against a beat. This has included a number of challenging activities and traditional and modern pop songs, also focusing on the connection between music and visual images.

Students learn about the connection between lyrics and melody. This has incorporated modern rock songs and a number of hands on activities involving musical instruments. A further focus is on ‘drama skills’ and includes: voice projection, stage terminology, body language and stage presence.

A holistic approach to teaching the performing arts is engaged bringing the students’ interests (and the teachers’) into the classroom making learning whole, real and relevant.