The Art room is always a busy ‘hive’ of activity. Students across all levels enjoy being challenged creatively and at WaSPS you will find the children inspiring each other to show off their creative best. Led by the Art Captains students explore the different techniques and effects produced by various mediums. Each week the children experiment and develop their skills before producing a finished piece of artwork that can be proudly displayed around the school.  Lunch time art classes are offered weekly to finish work or further explore creativity.  We are proactive in allowing students to continually develop skills, as each year we participate in the Knox Banner competition.  Children design and create the art piece.  Each banner is show-cased and hangs proudly around the school.

At WaSPS, visual art talent is recognised and rewarded monthly at our whole school assembly with the Artist of the Month Award. The winning artworks are then proudly displayed in the school office foyer.