Special Programs

Special Programs

Music & Dance

At Wantirna South Primary  School, we offer a number of opportunities for talented students to be involved in stimulating and exciting activities. Our school band involves stimulating and exciting activities. Our school band involves students from Year 3 to 6 and brings together the children to practice their instrumental and singing skills and then perform at assemblies and community events.

School Camp Programs

Our camping program continues in Year 3/4 as students engage in camps that require teamwork, resilience, care and empathy, inclusiveness and persistence. The students leave school after 9:00am, heading off on a 2 night / 3 day camp experience.

Buzz Cafe

At Wantirna South Primary School there is a strong connection between our history, present and future. The ‘Buzz’ Cafe provides students the opportunity to engage the “Paddock to Plate” experience, whereby produce is harvested from the vegetable garden and used to cook delectable dishes to eat.

Environmental Initiatives

We believe strongly in the need to establish sound environmental practices at Wantirna South PS. Schools are the heart of our communities and by engaging students in environmental issues we are empowering students to want to improve their school environment and community.


Over the past few years WaSPS has partnered with Swinburne University for our Year 5 & 6 students to attend the KIOSC program. KIOSC stands for Knox innovations Opportunity & Sustainability Centre. KIOSC is a free program for our students where they are introduced to a variety of STEM learning opportunities, and are hands on with technologies that engage them with the world of Student’s code through littleBits, Sphero’s, Lego Mindstorm, are introduced to the world of virtual reality as well as getting to explore actual science labs.

WaSPS Chicken

These chickens are free to roam our school playground. They don’t worry too much about the students playing or the noise they make.

Martina Our Seeing Eye Puppy

n 2021, the WaSPS community welcomed Seeing Eye Dog training puppy, Martina. Martina is a black Labrador whose parents are both Seeing Eye Dogs too. She will be part of our community until May 23rd 2022 when she will commence her formal training at the Seeing Eye Dog puppy headquarters in Kensington, preparing her for her working life improving the mobility of a person with vision impairment.