Theme at Wantirna South

Theme at Wantirna South Primary School incorporates the Humanities Health and Science Curriculum areas. Across the whole school we use a two-year cycle were students complete four Theme units per year that are designed to address the curriculum standards at their developmental level. We also incorporate the capabilities into the design of these units, this includes Critical & Creative Thinking and Ethical, Intercultural, Personal & Social Capabilities.

Theme lessons are planned as stand-alone lessons as well as being integrated in some of our English and Mathematical lessons. Our units give students an opportunity to examine the complex processes that shape of world and to investigate responses to different challenges including people’s interconnection with the environment. While students immerse themselves in these lessons they develop their ability to askĀ  question, design investigations, interpret evidence, from explanations and arguments and communicate findings.

Our teachers aim to provide students with the opportunity to build their knowledge and understandings of key concepts, develop their skills and create an awareness of their own and other’s attitude motivations and dispositions when engaging with their Theme. At the completions of the units the students demonstrate their progress by articulating in a variety of formats, what they now know and how their understanding may have changed over the unit. Theme lessons also aim to give the students a say in their learning which helps to promote engagement.