Meet The Staff

Meet TheStaff

School Leaders

Kerri Emonson


As a child I wanted to be a teacher, I am so glad I followed my dreams. As an educator I see it my opportunity to hear the dreams, create opportunities and support the belief to achieve and make a difference. This is the rewards of teaching and why I love to get out of bed and come to work every day. WaSPS community is where my teaching started and my children attended. I was welcomed as a parent and now have the opportunity, as Principal, to support others in the community to experience the warmth and acceptance I have felt. When not at work I like to go for long walks, cook, read and spend time with my family.

Andrew Moore

Assistant Principal

I am very proud to be the Assistant Principal at WaSPS. In my role I have the opportunity to work alongside such passionate teachers to help them create purposeful and engaging learning experiences for our students. I believe in creating a learning environment that allows children to reach their full potential and achieve their very best. We have a fantastic community spirit here at WaSPS which is fostered from our dedicated staff, supportive parents and awesome students.

Katreen McCoy

Learning Specialist & Year 4 Teacher

I really enjoy the variety that my role brings. It is such a privilege to have the opportunity to share my passion for teaching, learning and wellbeing with our vibrant school community. I love to inspire and empower students to actively participate in their learning, and I want them to know that their ideas and opinions are valued and heard. Away from school, I enjoy spending time with my family and going to the gym.

Jacqueline Poloai

Learning Specialist & Year 6 Teacher

I have worked at Wantirna South Primary School for many years and have always enjoyed being part of such a wonderful school community who work together to ensure best outcomes for the students. In my spare time, I love to cook, work in the garden, and meet with up with family and friends.

Prep Teachers

Kayri Shanahan

Prep Teacher

I enjoy being part of the community at Wantirna South Primary School where I am able to do what I love - inspire children to develop a love of learning and support them to be the best versions of themselves. I am fortunate to work alongside peers who have become my close friends and students who will always hold a special place in my heart. Outside of school, I live a busy and active lifestyle with my sports-mad family and love spending free time soaking up the sunshine.

Andie Moffatt

Prep TeacherĀ 

As a new member of Wantirna South PS, I am super excited to become a part of this inclusive and supportive community! I absolutely love working with students and staff to create positive and encouraging learning environments and experiences. I believe developing supportive and meaningful relationships is the best part of being a teacher! When I am not at school, I love to spend time with my family and friends, travel to new places and read!

Year 1 & 2 Team

Holly Richardson

Year 1 Teacher

I absolutely love the community spirit and inclusive nature of Wantirna South Primary School! I am extremely passionate about building relationships with our students and value the individuality each child brings to the classroom. I pride myself on creating a warm and supportive learning environment that nurtures the development of all students. Outside of school I love to play sport, go to the movies and spend time with friends and family.

Demi Filippatos

Year 1 Teacher

I am extremely passionate about being a part of the WaSPS community. I feel very privileged to be working alongside such a dedicated group of teaching staff. In my classroom I promote a positive and supportive environment where children are encouraged to take risks and be themselves. I try my very best to meet the social, emotional and physical wellbeing of all my students. When not in the classroom, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.

Duncan McBain

Year 2 Teacher & Maths Leader

It has been a pleasure being a member of the WaSPS community for many years now. The inclusive environment and community has made it a wonderful place to teach. Outside of school I enjoy hanging out with my dog, reading comics, and spending time with friends and family.

Julie Cross

Year 2 Teacher

I absolutely love teaching and strive to create a fun and caring learning environment where all the students in my class rally together to achieve their best in all they do. I believe it is important to focus on developing each student academically, socially and emotionally. I enjoy celebrating the lightbulb moments when the students break through to the next level of understanding.

Year 3 & 4 Team

Luke Teys

Year 3 Teacher

Wantirna South Primary School's motto 'Learn for Life' is the foundation of so much that is great about the school. Our aim is to build citizens for the future which encompasses personal, social as well as academic growth. Outside of school I embark upon this 'Learn for Life' stance by taking up a host of creative (computing, woodwork, leatherwork) and sporting hobbies that have me constantly challenged, failing and taking risks to be better.

Kate Buckland

Year 3 Teacher

My aim is to create a welcoming and fun classroom where all of my students feel safe and are excited about their learning. I am passionate about creativity and building positive relationships, while also encouraging students to take risks and work collaboratively to achieve their goals. I love seeing my students flourish and strive to always try their best socially, emotionally and academically. I am so grateful to be a part of the WaSPS community! In my spare time, I love singing and being creative, as well as, keeping active and spending time with my family and friends.

Jason Moeller

Year 3 Teacher

I am very excited to continue my teaching journey in 2021 at WaSPS. Already, I feel at home at WaSPS and feel very suited to the school's "Learn for Life" motto, as I am just as passionate about sharing my knowledge with my students, as I am at making new discoveries myself. Aside from teaching I am an avid sports fan, with a background in football coaching, and still play footy, cricket and basketball in my spare time.

Emma Bethune

Year 4 Teacher

Wantirna South Primary School is such a great community and I love the focus placed on wellbeing and the many programs supporting children in a variety of ways. I have a big passion for health and wellbeing and love sharing this with my students and supporting them to practice a growth mindset. An inclusive classroom is important to me and I value building strong relationships. I aim to inspire children to chase their dreams and develop a love of learning. I enjoy yoga, dancing and spending time travelling and experiencing new adventures.

Year 5 & 6 Team

Matilda Birkett

Year 5 Teacher

I am so incredibly lucky to be a part of our amazing WaSPS family. The school community is like no other; we have the most supportive staff, wonderful parents and awesome students! I love being a Year 5 teacher - watching the growth and maturity of these students develop in such a short time is a very rewarding experience. When I'm not at work, I enjoy playing lots of sport as well as spending time with my family and friends.

Bek Emonson

Year 5 Teacher

I am so blessed to have been a part of the amazing WaSPS community for a long time, attending WaSPS as a student and now having the privilege to be one of the teachers. I LOVE teaching in the senior school! It puts a smile on my face to watch my students develop into independent and confident learners, preparing to step into high school, and the community, with the skills to tackle any challenges that come their way. Outside of school, I enjoy being active, going to the beach and creating fun memories with my friends, family and puppy.

Nicole Baxter

Year 6 Teacher

Wantirna South Primary School is a great place to teach and learn. It provides a welcoming and positive environment which is due to the friendly staff, students and parents. I enjoy developing positive relationships with my students and watching them grow and achieve their goals throughout the course of the year.

Specialist Team

Darren Downs

Performing Arts

I have a lifelong passion for the Performing Arts and been involved for many years in the music industry, public radio and filmmaking. Sharing my skills and experience with young minds and in particular the students of WaSPS is a rewarding experience and their enjoyment and progress is always encouraging. I enjoy new challenges, working with creative people and reaching goals together.

Nicola Touhey

Physical Education

I love teaching Physical Education at Wantirna South Primary School. I can bring my passion for sport and fitness into the school community and support the students to develop a love of physical activity. I have the pleasure of exposing students to a wide variety of sports and physical activities while developing teamwork and resilience. These activities continue away from school where I love to do kick boxing, triathlons and bush walking with my family.

Monique Bassiner

Visual Art Teacher

I began my teaching career teaching secondary Art and English and since having my three kids I have made the switch to teaching primary level STEM and now Art here at WaSPS. The students at WaSPS have an impressive work ethic and an obvious love of the Visual Arts which makes my job all the more rewarding. I am new to the community at WaSPs but have been made to feel welcome and have thoroughly enjoyed my time here so far.

Administration Team

Lyndall Murnane

Business Manager

Wantirna South Primary School is a very special school to me. We have a wonderful warm community feeling at our school. My own children attended here as students. I really enjoy working with such a fantastic group of staff, students and families at WaSPS.

Debra Drake

Office / Administration Manager

I first came to Wantirna South Primary School as a parent during the school's 50th Anniversary year and was fortunate enough to begin working in the office just over 17 years ago! I have seen and been part of many changes to the school over the years and feel extremely grateful to still be involved with such a caring community. My life away from school is spent in my garden, travelling and enjoying time with my family and grandchildren.

Carol Leathem

Office/Administration Assistant

I have worked at Wantirna South Primary School for many years and have always enjoyed being part of such a wonderful school community who work together to ensure best outcomes for the students. In my spare time, I love to cook, work in the garden, and meet with up with family and friends.

Support Staff

Jo McIntyre

ES Staff

I love working at WaSPS, the amazing and supportive staff, children and community make it a joy to come to work every day. It is such a pleasure to be able to make a difference in a child's life and watch them grow, learn and navigate through their junior years. Outside of school I like to catch up with friends and family, go for walks and watch my son play soccer.

Roxann Allan

ES Staff / OSHC Business Manager

Working at Wantirna South Primary School as the Outside of Hours Care Business Manager is such a rewarding experience. I feel very fortunate to be a part of the WaSPS community and value how friendly the students and their families are. I think we have a great school that promotes high quality teaching and learning. Every day is different in the Hive, however, we all are working towards the same goals, striving to help our families feel welcome and supported as part of the WaSPS Community.

Julie Matthews

ES Staff

I have been working in Learning Support for over 20 years and have been lucky enough to be at WaSPS for 16 years. I have worked in all year levels and love the challenge of helping children achieve their full potential. Working alongside an amazing group of teachers makes every day a pleasure to be here.

Taryn Buller

ES Staff

I love working a Wantirna South PS as it has a great community feel with very welcoming staff and students. I thoroughly enjoy working with the students and watching them grow, develop new skills and being proud of their achievements. In my free time I like to go camping, four wheel driving and spending time with my family, friends and dogs.

Jarrod Riley

ES Staff

I feel very blessed to be working at WaSPS because of the incredible school community. It's so rewarding having the opportunity to help students achieve their goals and to be the best they can be. Outside of school I enjoy playing and watching a range of sports.

Rebecca Cotter

ES Staff

I feel WaSPS is like stepping into our own country oasis in the middle of the suburbs. It is a privilege to be a part of the team at Wantirna South Primary School supporting students and staff with learning. It is exciting and a pleasure to watch the students grow and reach their individual goals.

Louise Godden

ES Staff

I feel extremely privileged to be able to work with such a supportive team at WaSPS. I love working with the staff and students. Seeing the accomplishments of the students and their excitement as they work to their own potentials makes my day. In my spare time I like nothing more than a good coffee and time with family and friends.

Lorraine Maskill

ES Staff

It has been a privilege to have been involved at this amazing school with supportive colleagues for over 25 years. I've enjoyed the challenge of making learning fun and watching the children grow and shine in their own way. I particularly look forward to spending time with my family and four grandchildren.

Alisha Clark

ES Staff

I am extremely grateful to work within the WaSPS community, as it provides a safe and supportive environment for everyone. I find working alongside students extremely rewarding, assisting them in achieving their learning goals and watching them grow within the school community. Outside of school I enjoy keeping active, playing and watching sports and spending time with family and friends. xvideos-jav