Learner Qualities

Learner Qualities

Our students and staff have worked together to co-design our ‘Learner Qualities’, which will be implemented in all classrooms by the end of 2020. As learners, our students are encouraged to use these qualities to assist them to talk about themselves as learners and to help them to identify the strategies that they are using, in order to focus on their effort, take risks in their learning, try new strategies, look for challenges, persevere and make progress in their learning.

Underpinned by Student Agency and a Growth Mindset, our Learner Qualities outline the actions and dispositions that our students need to ‘dream, discover and learn for life’. As part of our commitment to continuing to build student voice and agency, our students played a key role in deciding on the qualities that we would prioritise and focus on.

In demonstrating our Learner Qualities, students can:


Make Connections

Think – creatively and critically



Show Self-Awareness