WINGS Program

This initiative is an intergenerational partnership between Wantirna South PS and Arcare aged care facility. This program links our students with residents of Arcare in a variety of activities (including Bingo, craft and also sharing the learning with new technological advances such as DS games) providing great delight and satisfaction for all involved.

As an extension to the intergenerational partnership the program also involves Level 4 students working in our local pre-schools (Flamingo, Riddell Road, Knoxfield) in activities that build the confidence and leadership of our students, as well as being fun and beneficial to the pre-school children in transitioning to school.

WASPs with Wings involves our Level 3 students visiting Tyner Road Occasional Care once a week to interact with the children. The school children read stories, play games, assist with craft and drawings all supporting leadership opportunities for the school children and developing relationships beyond their peers.

The program WINGS stands for;
W– Wisdom
I – Initiative
N – Needs
G – Gentleness
S – Sensitivity

Our students develop leadership skills, teamwork, social skills and opportunities to apply their learning in a “‘real world” situation.