School Camp Program


Starting in 2015 our school camping program now starts in Foundation with a late stay.

On Friday the 28th of August the school bell rang at 15:30.  Normally a rush of students burst from the doors of the Foundation classrooms but this time the doors remained shut and the students stayed inside. For on this day the Foundation students get the opportunity to stay late at school.

They soon joined the Level 1/2 students for some afternoon tea before being broken in to groups to participate in some tabloid sports activities that foster team work. The students got to play tunnel ball, the gold challenge, over/under hoops and many more. Time just flew by and before we knew it, it was time for dinner. After the students devoured their pizza they grabbed their torches and left the Level 1/2 students to go on possum prowl around the school, you wouldn’t believe the wildlife that they saw. At 18:30 the parents came to meet some cold but happy students to take them home.


Grade 1/2

In 2015 we revived the Grade 1/2 sleep over program in order to prepare the students for their school camp in Grade 3, and it couldn’t have gone better!

As the bell rang at 15:30 on Friday the 28th of August the Grade 1/2 students remained in their classes because on this day, they don’t go home with their parents, they get to sleep over at school! We waited in anticipation for the Foundation students to join us for afternoon tea of fruit and home made ANZAC slice before being divided in to different groups to participate in some tabloid sports to build teamwork and resilience. We took part in sack races, egg and spoon races, tunnel ball and many others. As they say, ‘Time flies when you are having fun’ because before we knew it, Mr McBain was bringing us in for dinner. After dinner we read our readers to each other before collecting our torches for our possum prowl. As we walked around the school in the dark we talked about nocturnal animals and the survival traits they possess which is inline with our Big Idea of survival. We returned to the Multipurpose room to set up our beds, be read a bedtime story and settle in to watch a movie before lights out. We were up, all packed up and fed before our parents arrived at 8:00am to collect a some very happy students. It was a great success!


Grade 3/4

Our camping program begins at in Grade 3 and this year our students headed to Mount Moreton Lodge in Belgrave for an adventure-packed two night camp.

The children headed off on their bus around 9.ooam, all very excited!  For many children it was their first camp experience and certainly a big step in building independence!  Once the children arrived at Mount Moreton Lodge they got straight into their activities, which included the Giant Swing and the Flying Fox.  Other activities were designed to foster team work and cooperation, including hut building and a tug of war competition.  On the first evening the children headed off into the bush for a night walk.  On day two they experienced a lizard show, where they got to get up close and personal with all kinds of reptiles and frogs.  In the evening they chilled out and enjoyed a movie night.

The children arrived home on Friday afternoon very tired, but very happy!


Grade 5/6

In term 2 2015 the Grade 5 & 6 children headed off to  Forest Edge in Neerim East, Gippsland.  We had a wonderful experience getting into all kinds of exciting activities, including the Giant Flying Fox, High Ropes Course, Archery and Bush Walking.  Camping together is a great opportunity for the children to develop independence and the range of activities are designed not only to be fun but to build confidence and teamwork.

All children arrived home on Friday afternoon exhausted but happy after a great adventure!