Our school canteen ‘The Buzz’ will be open from Monday – Thursday for snacks. Lunch orders are available to order on Friday’s.

Uniform Shop

Wantirna South has a compulsory school uniform that is worn by all children. School Uniform can be ordered online at (go to the school uniform section and select your school, Wantirna South Primary School) or you can visit the RHS Uniform Shop:


RHS Uniform Shop

RHS Uniform Shop

Address: Unit 12/100 New Street, Ringwood
Tel: 9870 1377

Open Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm.


  • Summer Dress
  • Green Shorts with green short sleeve School Polo Shirt
  • School Bomber Jacket
  • White Socks
  • School Legionnaires Cap/School Wide Brimmed Hat


  • Winter Tunic
  • White/Green Skivvy or Green short sleeve School Polo Shirt
  • Green Bootleg Pants
  • School Bomber Jacket
  • Green/Black Tights
  • White Socks


  • Green Shorts
  • Green short sleeve School Polo Shirt
  • School Bomber Jacket
  • White/Grey Socks
  • School Legionnaires Cap/School Wide Brimmed Hat


  • Green short sleeve School Polo Shirt or White/Green Skivvy
  • School Bomber Jacket
  • Green Tracksuit Pants
  • White/Grey Socks

Parent Payments


Whole School Initiatives.

Level 5/6 1:1 iPad Program

We are very excited to be part of this fantastic program at Wantirna South Primary School. Term 1 2013 marked the start of our 1:1 iPad program. Each student in Level 5 and 6 has access to their own iPad, which allows the student to personalise their learning to an even greater level. The students use their iPads in a number of different ways. Sometimes they are their dictionary, their text book, or research partner. They have created movies, and reflected on their learning. The students take notes, publish writing pieces, work individually and in groups. The iPads are an amazing tool that we feel has encouraged all of us to learn more, create more and be more.

Working in groups, the students took photos to represent each part of the body in order to put together a ‘real life’ person.  They then had to draw the bone structure over the top of the photo, to represent the skeletal system. It took a lot to team work to get it all together.

Technology in Level 3 and 4.

Technology in Level 1 and 2.