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Welcome to Wantirna South Primary School. We are pleased that you have decided to visit our website where you will find out about the terrific things happening at our school.



Tiqbiz have advised us today any technical difficulties users may be having should be resolved by this coming Monday.  Please find following information received today 22/7/2016:

” Since releasing the tiqbiz upgrade you may have and may still notice periods of reduced performance, but please be assured we are aware of this and have a dedicated team working on it around the clock.  This new system is the biggest project we have done to date, and will ever do. It was a complete rebuild. We hoped to have it 100% perfect but realise there have been a few issues and we’ve been working day and night to respond to them quickly and  efficiently.  We have been working to optimise performance to return to levels you have enjoyed in the past. We expect to be back to full speed very soon.  We strive to be better, every day to give our customers better tools and a more powerful system with a brighter future of communication possibilities.

Thank you for your patience and please continue to give us feedback and report any issues you encounter as we can continue to stabilise our new system.

Kind regards,

Linda Lepore
Customer Liaison – tiqbiz

P: +61 3 9800 1489
E: support@tiqbiz.com
W: www.tiqbiz.com ”